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MSG is Why You Want to Avoid McDonald's Like the Plague

The link below has a list of the recipes McDonald's uses in its restaurants. Interestingly, you will find glutamic acid (MSG) is a major component in their food. While there's simply no excuse for consuming their French fries or diet soft drinks, one could make a logical argument to have their hamburgers, as long as you are not a carb type.

However, this does not take into consideration the MSG added to their foods. MSG is a toxic substance people consume in processed foods, and probably wouldn't if they knew it causes brain cell death.

McDonalds and most all other fast food restaurants use MSG to help sell their foods. MSG is very inexpensive and makes the food taste good -- which in many ways is similar to sugar -- but MSG is far more toxic than sugar.

MSG, like L-cysteine and aspartame, are excitotoxins, chemical transmitters that allow brain cells to communicate, as described in Dr. Russell's Blaylock's book, Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills. Excitotoxins are exactly what they sound like: Toxins like MSG that excite your brain cells to DEATH!

The bottom line is that you are going to need to invest some time in the kitchen if you want to stay healthy and avoid inexpensive and convenient fast foods which if consumed regularly which will accelerate your departure from this planet. To help you get started, you'll want to review Colleen Huber's awesome piece on how to eat healthier organic food, free from many additives and preservatives, on a budget.


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