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The Avalanche of Drug Lawsuits Continues

With all the news about the Vioxx lawsuits clogging up the U.S. court system -- 11,500 and climbing -- you may be wondering if all the attention Merck's been drawing has made the going any easier for other drugmakers victimizing patients with lesser-known, but just as toxic, drugs to market. Based on this awesome report in the New York Times (free link below), I'm glad to report drugmakers and their largely worthless products aren't escaping anyone's scrutiny anymore.

Besides the Fosamax trials affecting Merck I told you about earlier this month, lawyers have filed suits against these drugmakers:

  • Wyeth for Prempro, a hormone therapy drug.
  • Johnson and Johnson for Ortho-Evra, a birth control patch.
  • AstraZeneca for Seroquel, an antipsychotic drug.


Surprisingly, this handful of drugs I listed above are still being sold, despite all their toxic problems, ranging from severe jaw decay to breast cancer and stroke.

Why? Because drug companies have almost unlimited financial resources, and decisions are made by juries who may not understand all the scientific evidence presented to them, both great observations made in this New York Times piece.

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