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Avoid an Emergency Room Visit by Correcting Your Vision Naturally

A good reason to consider the Natural Eyesight Habits Program to help you correct your vision without glasses or contact lenses forever: Some 27,000 patients in 2002 and 2003 made emergency room visits due to eye injuries related to glasses.

Ohio State University researchers documented the number of glasses-related injuries based on data collected from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (run by the Consumer Product Safety Commission). Some interesting numbers:

  • Seniors (age 65 and older) were more far likely to sustain a glasses-related injury from a fall by some 90 percent.
  • More than 36 percent of eye injuries in children (age 17 and younger) were blamed on sports- or play-related injuries.
  • Falls were also the leading source of injury among working-age adults (age 18-64), accounting for almost 27 percent.
  • By far, cuts to the face, head or eyes were the most common glasses-related injury among all age groups with some 65 percent.

By the way, none of those numbers take into account the growing number of patients whose vision has been harmed by LASIK surgery or more recently due to fungal infections related to a popular contact lens cleaner.

There's no reason for you to harm your health and waste money needlessly on glasses, if you make the commitment to learn how to restore your vision safely with the Natural Eyesight Habits Program, based on the very same scientific tenets that corrected my vision too.

Ohio State University April 24, 2006

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