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How to Sharpen a Knife

One of the best ways to treat diseases like cancer or accidents is through prevention. You can decrease your risk of cutting yourself as well as your aggravation in the kitchen by having a sharp knife.

This incredibly comprehensive tutorial demonstrates how to keep your knives sharp. Unfortunately, most kitchen knives are made of poor quality steel that does not hold a good edge so, unless you upgrade to better ones, you will need to use these tricks regularly to keep your knives sharp.

Just to give you a sample, the first list of tricks includes general knife care. Some common-sense suggestions:

  • Don't wash knives in a dishwasher.
  • Use wooden or composite plastic cutting boards, and not ones made of glass, ceramic, marble or steel.
  • Store your knives in a block or slotted hanger or with edge guards. Don't use a magnetic strip if you have inquisitive children or pets.

eGullet Culinary Society for Culinary Arts and Letters August 13, 2003

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