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How Much Did The Flu Really Harm Your Health?

You remember the forecasts: At least 36,000 Americans die annually from flu-related symptoms, even though those estimates are largely based on faulty numbers.

Fact is, this year's flu season in America was one of the mildest in years, with the worst of it limited to five northern states. Of course, health "experts" wanted to give all the credit to an effective vaccine. However, there's no numbers to back up how many Americans actually got a flu shot or if they took all this hand-wringing about the possibility of an Avian flu pandemic that never happened seriously at all.

And, no apologies or retractions for recommending a useless and unnecessary vaccine laced with thimerosal, the mercury-based preservative.

Of course, all this "non-news" won't prevent some from trying to scare us about flu seasons to come. Nevertheless, should the need arise, there are many safer and less expensive options at your disposal for avoiding the flu.

USA Today April 27, 2006

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