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Eye Fungus Was No Surprise After All...

I warned you two weeks ago about the nasty fungal infection, Fusarium keratitis, connected with the popular Bausch and Lomb MoistureLoc for cleaning contact lenses. Apparently, we shouldn't have been surprised about this recent American outbreak at all.

Bausch and Lomb stopped shipments to eastern Asia three months ago, after a significant outbreak of eye infections was reported in Singapore which reignited a similar investigation launched nearly a year ago in Hong Kong. Of the patients interviewed in the Hong Kong probe, 40 percent of them used MoistureLoc.

So far, almost 200 patients have a confirmed or suspected case of keratitis and eight required cornea transplants. Without treatment, a patient could become blind or, at the very least, scar the cornea.

One more reason to remind you, training your eyes with the help of the The Natural Eyesight Habits Program, eliminates the need to pay for and wear contacts, laser eye surgery and glasses.

Yahoo News April 27, 2006

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