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Former FDA Chief Under Criminal Investigation

Apparently, there was far more to the abrupt resignation of former FDA chief Dr. Lester Crawford last fall than we were led to believe. At least in the eyes of a grand jury, probing allegations of testifying falsely to Congress and financial shenanigans.

His Congressional problems deal with allegedly making false statements to Congress in order to block a decision on a drugmaker's application for the emergency Plan B contraceptive. Before Crawford became FDA chief, former boss Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt told Congress it would act on the pending Plan B application. After Crawford was formally selected, however, he placed an indefinite ban on the application.

The financial improprieties deal with the personal sale of more than $50,000 of shares of a FDA-regulated company. This occurred a month before Crawford resigned from the agency, and just two months after he was confirmed.

If you ever doubted the FDA was more interested in commerce and avarice than protecting your health, you can stop wondering.

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