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Why is the Price of Gold Exploding and Your Paycheck Crashing?

Have you always wondered why the price of gold has more than doubled recently (now about $650 per ounce), silver has tripled (now $13.50 per ounce) and your paycheck isn't going as far as you need it to? Inflation is rising! In case you didn't realize it, there has been 300 percent inflation since the 1970s.

If you have been curious about these issues, you will really enjoy watching the following two videos (free links below).

The first is a 45-minute video tutorial from my favorite economic teachers -- the Ludwig von Mises Institute -- that explains how the fractional reserve banking is debased. It also discusses the central bank and how the U.S. government transitioned into the Federal Reserve System that scrapped the gold standard in 1933 and established a global inflationary system. In 1933, the price of gold was $35 an ounce. Now, it is now $650.

Once you view the video, you will see the Federal Reserve System is actually the cause of inflation and one of the primary reasons why your financial future is unstable and insecure, with inflations, recessions and depressions.

If you want to be entertained, watch an amazing music video parody of the Police's hit "Every Breath You Take," produced by Columbia University's graduate school. It's very funny and better than the original (free link below).

They use some terms in the video you might not be aware of, so let me explain them to you. BPS or "bips" refers to a basis point -- a hundredth of a percentage point of the yield or the interest rate. The lyric, "CBS is great," doesn't refer to the TV network. It refers to the Columbia Business School.

Ludwig von Mises Institute: Money Banking and the Federal Reserve Free Video Link

Columbia University "Every Breath You Take" Police Parody Free Video Link

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