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Sky-High Pollen Creates New Health Challenges for Americans

Last year, I told you about the astonishing number of Americans -- more than half of them -- suffering from more allergens than ever before. Don't be surprised to see those numbers climb, based on pollen count reports across the United States, experts say.

In fact, pollen counts all over America right now are among the highest totals recorded in a decade. Another bad sign: Compared to last year, early Spring counts already hover in the 80-90 percent range.

And, if you live on the East Coast -- say Boston, Baltimore, Orlando, Washington, D.C., Hartford, Conn., or Greenville, S.C. -- the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America says you're feeling the worst of it.

Some of the foundation's recommendations for minimizing your exposure to allergens, for example wearing gloves and a mask when gardening or planting trees, make good sense compared to others like taking a drug that will likely do more harm in the long run.

That said, as dangerous as outdoor air can be to your health, indoor air pollution can be far riskier, especially since so many of you spend up to 90 percent of your lives indoors. To protect your home from allergens, I recommend the Way Healthier Home Air Purifier, sold in my Web store.

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Yahoo News April 27, 2006

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