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Consider the Source When Seeking Advice, Especially From Splenda

Last year, I warned you about one of the more deceptive tools in McNeil's Nutritionals' arsenal to promote Splenda: Funding national fitness projects and school bake sales that superficially combat the growing obesity epidemic while promoting their anything but natural product.

McNeil is at it again, funding a childhood obesity study of their own that found taking incremental steps -- consuming one less soft drink or candy bar and walking 2,000 steps each day -- might prevent excessive weight gains.

Sad to say, the "wonders of Splenda" were on display here, as study participants were encouraged to use it. However, this simple regimen didn't prevent kids from putting on all of their excessive weight either.

If you're looking for safer ways to fight childhood obesity in your home, there are far safer and better ways to do it than eating processed foods chock full of sucralose. A few of them:

Yahoo News May 1, 2006

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