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Another Antibiotic Exits the Consumer Marketplace

After much news about the fatal effects of the antibiotic Tequin earlier this year, the drug used to treat lung, sinus and urinary tract infections was pulled from the consumer market last week.

Interestingly, it was Bristol-Myers Squibb -- not the FDA -- that stopped the production of Tequin. But Bristol-Myers Squibb won't be recalling existing inventories of the deadly drug either. (Wonder if this had anything to do with the Vioxx debacle?)

That spurred the consumer group Public Citizen into action, petitioning the FDA for an outright ban, citing 20 deaths, more than 150 hospitalizations and almost 400 patients reporting blood-sugar problems. Considering Bristol-Myers Squibb made $100 million on Tequin last year in the United States alone, their concerns are more than justified.

Just another reason to remind you, antibiotics are widely overused, virtually all of the time. But that doesn't mean I'm completely opposed to them either. The best and most natural ways to protect your body and bolster your immune system:

MSNBC May 1, 2006

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