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With Warmer Weather Comes The Sun Debate

Seemingly with the weather warming up, so has the debate over the need for daily sunshine exposure, your most natural source for vitamin D. This interesting feature in this morning's USA Today (free text link below) covers both sides of the debate, with comments on the pro-sunshine side from Dr. Michael Holick.

Unfortunately, Dr. Holick reports his position on sunshine (which mirrors mine in many respects) is often misunderstood. That's because, to some, getting the right amount of sunshine every day gives people an excuse to use, or profit from, tanning salons.

The number one warning so many patients fail to follow when it comes to getting the right amount of sunshine that I can't stress enough: Don't stay in the sun long enough to burn your skin. That warning, of course, also extends to all those young people who spend hours at the beach or in a tanning booth working on the "perfect" tan to the detriment of their health.

By the way, should you need to be out in the sun for a long stretch of time, commercial sunscreens aren't the answer as they are nothing more than poisonous concoctions loaded with harmful chemicals. If you're looking for a safe sunblock, you'll want to consider the line of Aubrey Organics products sold in my Web store.

USA Today May 8, 2006

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