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Aspartame Toxicity Questioned One More Time

Despite the comprehensive results of a seven-year study linking aspartame to high rates of lymphoma, leukemia and other cancers in rats, the European Food Safety Authority debunked the landmark work done by Italian researchers led by Dr. Morando Soffritti.

No surprise, the authority's benign assessment of aspartame mirrored that of a large U.S. study (more than a half-million Americans) released last month that found no cancer link.

Some major discrepancies in the argument for protecting aspartame that make no sense:

  • Dr. Soffritti's study focused on aspartame's effect on animals over humans because you can't find a group of people worth testing who have had no contact whatsoever with artificial sweeteners (considering aspartame is used in some 6,000 products).
  • American researchers failed to separate the use of multiple artificial sweeteners, nor did they measure their use over a lifetime.
  • Researchers are far too beholden to the interests of industry (at the risk of your health), Dr Soffritti says.

And don't expect the FDA to change their minds about the safety of aspartame either -- despite all the evidence to the contrary -- after the agency completes its review of Dr. Soffritti's work.

If you remain among the skeptical who believe aspartame isn't a toxic substance, I urge you to consider watching Sweet Misery, a compelling 90-minute documentary that makes a strong case for avoiding artificial sweeteners altogether.

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