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EMFs Under New Scrutiny in the UK

The dangers to your health from electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation and radio frequency fields -- referred to as "electronic smog" in this piece from The Independent (free text link below) -- are finally getting some much-needed attention in the UK.

It's about time, considering the World Health Organization (WHO) believes the presence of smog to be one of the fastest growing negative influences on our health, especially as technology advances. In fact, the WHO's International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies EMFs and radio frequency fields as human carcinogens.

That's why health experts estimate 30 percent of all childhood cancers and 10 percent of all miscarriages can be blamed on our exposure to this smog. And that 3 out of every 100 patients are affected in some way.

Ways you can safely limit your exposure EMFs and radio frequency fields:

  • When using a cellular phone, keep the device as far away from your body as you can by using a headset equipped with ferrite beads.
  • Create a neutral zone in your home where your body isn't being constantly exposed to smog it was never designed to handle.

The Independent May 7, 2006

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