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Type 2 Diabetes Multiplies Death Risks

If you suspect a loved one may be at risk for diabetes -- particularly the type 2 variety -- I urge you to start taking better care of your health today, as it can raise your risk of death exponentially and speed it up too, according to a UK study of more than 260,000 patients.

Generally, the presence of type 2 patients doubled a patient's mortality risks, compared to those without it. The very scary news: Patients in their middle years (ages 35-54) who already have type 2 diabetes tripled their risk of death, again compared to healthier people in the very same age bracket.

Expect the trend to get worse, as more patients are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes much earlier. In fact, one expert believes diabetes-related deaths will soar 25 percent over the next decade, certainly not an unrealistic number, considering treatments for kids with type 2 diabetes in America have doubled.

The sad thing: Type 2 diabetes and obesity can be prevented easily and safely, and without drugs, if you follow a simple three-step plan:

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