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Will Copper Ever Become as Valuable as Gold?

Last month, I told you about the value of precious metals rising so quickly, it costs more than a penny to make one. Some experts believe copper may be seen as a precious metal one day, especially considering copper futures rose above $4 a pound yesterday and overall prices have exploded some 170 percent in the past 12 months.

In fact, some experts have seen folks in other countries (China, Congo and Mexico) scavenging through junk for copper and going as far as stealing electrical wiring to get it. And a few Americans aren't above stealing copper from railroad signals and power poles.

There are others, however, who believe copper may become a valuable metal, just not a precious one in the class of platinum ($1,250 an ounce) or rhodium ($5,000 an ounce).

Moreover, one expert calls the current uptick in copper a temporary deficit coupled with greater than normal demand, and that there's no guarantees copper prices will continue to rise.

CBS MarketWatch.com May 12, 2006

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