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A Radical Dietary Approach to Fighting Parkinson's

A fascinating piece describes a radical approach for treating Parkinson's disease that's similar to the ketogenic diet used to control intractable seizures.

One patient who was profiled missed eating "crunchable" stuff like carrots during the month she participated in the study, a diet of little more than fat -- eggs baked with cream cheese and fish smothered in butter and mayonnaise -- yet her Parkinson's symptoms improved and she lost 26 pounds.

The benefit of a ketogenic diet is likely related to normalizing a patient's insulin levels, a primary reason Alzheimer's occurs.

So, this is an interesting approach, as it certainly suggests diet may be the key to controlling many diseases. Other reports cited in the USA Today (free text link below) showed how ketogenic diets slow down Alzheimer's, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis/Lou Gehrig's disease and even inoperable brain cancer.

USA Today May 15, 2006

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