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Bausch and Lomb Recalls Toxic Contact Lens Cleaner

Citing safety concerns, Bausch and Lomb finally pulled all of its ReNu with MoistureLoc products connected to the spread of Fusarium keratitis, an eye fungus that blinds, today.

The problem with the MoistureLoc product line, according to the FDA: Unique moisturizing and disinfecting chemicals that increase the risk of the eye fungus "in certain unusual circumstances" that have not been identified so far.

Some experts believe the "unusual circumstances" may be related to Alexidine, a disinfectant traditionally used in mouthwashes that was recently added to the MoistureLoc recipe.

The financial hit will be huge for Bausch and Lomb, considering MoistureLoc sales amounted to $100 million of the company's estimated $2 billion in worldwide sales. In the meantime, the number of lawsuits spawned from the debacle has risen to 122.

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Yahoo News May 15, 2006

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