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Controlling the Dream World

A short but interesting column discusses some of the different facets of the dream state, as in creating, preventing and remembering them.

For instance, controlling your environment by leaving the lights on, having a fan blow across your face and even having a loved one open a bottle of perfume under your nose while sleeping can induce dreams.

This sounds much like an offshoot of the technique behind lucid dreaming I told you about earlier this year in which you can control your dreams by realizing you are in that state and being able to recall them.

Your ability to remember dreams may be also governed by how soon you wake up from the REM sleep stage. Nearly 80 percent of patients awakened during REM sleep remembered that they dreamed and much of the content of those dreams.

Before you start working on your dream life, however, ensure you're getting the right amount of sleep first. And if you want to improve the quality of the sleep you're already getting, be sure to review my Guide to a Good Night's Sleep.

The Register May 14, 2006

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