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Conventional Medicine's Ignorance About Autism

Besides being ignorant about the presence of the mercury-based chemical thimerosal in vaccines, conventional medicine doesn't screen small children for autism spectrum disorders (ASD) because few pediatricians are familiar with such tools, according to a new study.

In fact, just 8 percent out of the 255 physicians surveyed in Delaware and Maryland screened their patients for ASD, although roughly 10 times that number screen for general developmental delays. More than 60 percent of pediatricians didn't know about any autism screening tools in the first place.

Their ignorance is all the more tragic, considering slightly more than five out of every 1,000 school children are harmed by autism, according to the latest CDC report. And boys are four times more likely to be autistic than girls.

We can only hope these latest CDC numbers represent a reversal in autism rates now that thimerosal is being removed from childhood vaccines.

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