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Bullying Spurs Childhood Obesity

The peer pressure a child feels at school -- brought on by bullying -- can exert a great deal of pressure, making them avoid exercise altogether, adding more fuel to the epidemic of obesity among children.

University of Florida researchers monitored the health of 100 overweight or at-risk children (ages 8-18) to determine if and how bullying made a difference in their health. It must have, considering some 25 kids reported problems with bullying just two weeks before the study began.

And, as bullies hounded their overweight victims more and more, the lead researcher said, so did all the signs of depression -- sadness, fatigue and lack of interest -- kick in, so you can add this to the many risk factors associated with childhood obesity.

This news certainly makes sense to me, particularly in light of research I posted here last week that estimated age 11 to be the year in a child's life the tendency toward obesity is set.

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