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Is Splenda in Your Drug?

I warn you often about food and medicinal products that have been relaunched with or hiding a substance you don't want in your body for any reason: Sucralose, better known as Splenda.

According to sales reports, 8 percent of the artificial sweetener is sold, no surprise, to pharmaceutical companies to formulate their over-the-counter cold remedies, lozenges and vitamins in America. And, one day soon, Tate & Lyle hopes to replicate their success in a huge way in this product area in Europe.

Still, the bulk of Splenda is sold to processed food manufacturers (53 percent) and soft drink bottlers (39 percent).

And, the story completely sidesteps the true nature of Splenda, with Tate & Lyle again claiming it's made from, and tastes like, sugar, although it's anything but natural, yet is 600 times sweeter than the natural stuff.

Just a reminder, my next book, Sweet Deception (to be published this fall), tackles this problem head-on.

Food Ingredients First.com May 12, 2006

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