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How Second-Hand Smoke Affects Your Baby

For parents of newborn babies, here's one more great reason to give up smoking completely and forever, besides adding more years to your life and your child's: Your baby may be inhaling second-hand smoke chock full of cancer-causing chemicals, according to a new study.

The study of some 150 infants found nearly half had measurable levels of NNAL, a cancer-causing chemical produced by the body when it processes NNK, a carcinogen specific to tobacco.

Previous research found the first urine passed by newborns from mothers who smoked during their pregnancy had as much as a third more NNAL. In this new study, scientists detected NNAL in about half of the babies, with family members smoking almost four packs of cigarettes a week on average.

Even worse, NNAL levels found in the urine of these babies was higher, researchers said, than in other environmental studies on the effect of tobacco smoke on children and adults.

Probably, one of the best ways to quit smoking -- complete abstinence -- can be very tough. That's why I recommend learning an energy psychology tool like the Emotional Freedom Technique that can help you work through your addictions effectively and safely.

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