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Why Prescribe a RA Drug That May Cause Cancer?

A new Mayo Clinic study confirms, once again, the elevated risk of several cancers and infections when a patient takes Remicade or Humira to treat rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Previous studies have connected both drugs to lymphoma, a form of blood cancer, in RA patients. This new report analyzed data from nine studies that compared Remicade and Humira to placebos. Among some 3,500 patients, 29 cancers were reported among those who received at least one dose of either drug.

Overall, Remicade and Humira tripled a RA patient's risk of skin, gastrointestinal, breast and lung cancers in addition to lymphoma and doubled their risk of serious infections. What's more, higher dosages intensify the risk of disease.

Getting back to the rhetorical question posed in the headline, most rheumatologists are clueless about the root cause of the disease they are treating, instead relying on toxic concoctions that can devastate your health. Over the past 16 years, however, I've treated more than 3,000 patients safely by using my extensive RA protocol.

Other ways you can fight RA safely:

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