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Don't Expect the Government to Regulate Obesity

"Big Brother" may be monitoring your phone calls, but don't expect the federal government to do anything to corral processed food manufacturers whose products contribute greatly to the obesity epidemic throughout America and the world.

Although the United States and European Union unveiled an obesity "platform" to spur consumer groups, companies and health experts to devise solutions for the obesity epidemic, health officials from both said they wouldn't introduce new laws, along the lines of those reducing and banning smoking, to curb obesity.

Despite the already announced voluntary cuts -- think partial soft drink bans in American schools -- I'm sure processed food manufacturers breathed a deep sigh of relief after hearing the news. Fact is, you can't trust anybody at the government level to protect your health. It's up to you to take better responsibility for your health. Fortunately, I have plenty of free tools on my Web site to make the transition to optimal health an easier one for you.

The best ways to get started immediately:

Yahoo News May 15, 2006

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