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Overweight Moms Must Shed the Pounds Before Another Pregnancy

Last year, I shared an alarming story with you about all the problems that can occur when a mother-to-be is also obese, not an unusual occurrence considering half of the 6 million pregnant women in the Unites States at any given time are overweight or obese.

Why a new study from St. Louis University urges overweight mothers to take off the extra weight before becoming pregnant again: A woman's pre-pregnancy weight was the strongest indicator whether she would bear a large baby the next time.

Researchers compared the health of some 38,000 women who maintained a normal weight during two consecutive pregnancies versus more than 10,500 who were of a normal weight the first time they were pregnant but overweight the second time.

Moms who didn't lose the weight they gained during their first pregnancy and added more weight afterward doubles the a risk of bearing large babies which can lead to a Cesarean delivery and all sorts of avoidable health problems.

EurekAlert May 12, 2006

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