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Harming Your Hormones with Migraine Drugs

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) aren't merely deadly to your health. Overusing NSAIDs to treat periodic migraine problems can set the stage for chronic headaches and changing how your hormones function.

Italian researchers compared the hormones of 18 adults who suffer from chronic migraines (all of whom overused drugs and frequently NSAIDs) with an equal number of healthy controls by injecting them with signaling hormones that trigger others in the body.

No surprise, chronic migraine patients had either reduced or elevated amounts of three hormones in their system, likely the result of too many NSAIDs and other painkillers.

Americans spend more than $1 billion annually on useless headache medications that don't address the real causes: Dietary and emotional issues. Some safe ways to get rid of migraines for good:

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