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The FDA Approves Another Worthless, Potentially Dangerous Vaccine

Almost four years ago, I warned you about a vaccine aimed at preventing cervical cancer that many in conventional medicine were calling a "breakthrough." Unfortunately, that "breakthrough" may turn out to be a huge financial reprieve for Merck, the mega-drugmaker inundated with thousands of lawsuits in America over its heart-stopping Vioxx.

Yesterday, a FDA advisory committee unanimously approved Merck's Gardasil, a vaccine designed to block four sexually transmitted viruses, including two believed to be responsible for some 70 percent of the cases for cervical cancer. And Merck's is seeking approvals in some 50 other countries too.

Don't expect that "protection" to come cheap either: It may cost as much as $500 to be treated with Gardasil (three injections over six months). By the way, Gardasil is completely worthless if you already have one of those viruses.

The other bad news: Five women treated with Gardasil near the time of conception eventually had children who now suffer from birth defects, a problem for which Merck denies responsibility.

Imagine how wonderful and convenient it would be to take a vaccine to sidestep cancer, if it wasn't so dangerous and worthless. If you're interested in virtually eliminating your risk of cancer without drugs, take a moment or two to review my 11 major recommendations.

USA Today May 18, 2006

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