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More Evidence of How Phone Companies Are Invading Your Privacy

Getting lost amid the furor over reports in USA Today of warrantless domestic spying by the National Security Agency is equally courageous reporting by Wired News about AT&T's alleged role in the NSA scandal.

Wired has collected and published documents from a former AT&T employee, key pieces of evidence in the Electronic Frontier Foundation's (EFF) class-action lawsuit against the overgrown "Baby" Bell for connecting its Internet backbone to NSA surveillance equipment.

The former employee stumbled onto a secret room that tapped into an ongoing Total Information Awareness spy program thought to be scrapped by Congress three years ago that monitored Internet traffic.

Although not all phone companies compiled with the NSA's request for consumer records, all of us should remain concerned about the ones that did and why they did it without a second thought...

Wired News May 22, 2006

Wired News May 17, 2006

New York Times May 27, 2006

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