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Poor Water Quality Can Make a Pedicure Deadly

Over the last few months, I've warned you about increasing incidents of bacteria-laden water poisoning soft drinks dispensed from a fountain and whirlpool bathtub. The bad news doesn't stop there folks...

A middle-age paraplegic woman recently lost her life as a result of a staph infection she contracted after being cut during her once-a-month pedicure almost a year ago. After her heel was cut by a pumice stone, the Texas woman developed a wound that wouldn't heal in spite of multiple treatments. She died seven months later from a heart attack caused by the infection that wouldn't go away.

Evidently, bad news travels fast: Over the past nine months, the state has reported nearly 900 complaints against nail salons and nearly 10 percent of them have been penalized with fines or orders to improve their sanitation practices.

That's why the state commission enacted tougher laws to regulate whirlpool foot spas, including soaking basins with bleach and disinfectants, perhaps like chlorine that may be just as toxic to your health.

MSNBC May 19, 2006

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