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The Cancer-Fighting Power of Veggies Work With Your Genes

You may recall how a chemical in green vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower can improve the repair of cellular DNA and prevent them from becoming cancerous. Another cancer-fighting chemical present in both vegetables -- sulforaphane (SFN) -- may prevent the occurrence of hereditary cancers too.

Rutgers researchers tested their theory on a special breed of mice that were mutated to turn off the Apc genes that suppress tumors, the same gene responsible for the development of colon cancer in humans.

Then, mice were fed SFN, either in doses of 300 or 600 ppm, or none at all for three weeks. Compared to the control group, the mice that ate SFN decreased the number of polyps in their small intestine by a fourth in the 300 ppm group and nearly half in the 600 ppm group.

Despite all their natural cancer-fighting power, remember broccoli and cauliflower may not be good for your health due to your body's unique nutritional type. For example, protein types (like me) who eat dark green vegetables can over-alkaline their system, worsening their health instead of improving it.

Science Blog May 17, 2006

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