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Surgeons Should Play Video Games

Typically, there's really not much value in video games, especially for your children. If your doctor is a whiz at GameBoy, however, chances are good he or she won't make as many medical errors, according to a new study.

More than 300 surgeons took part in training on laparoscopic procedures that included video games. Doctors were tested on their ability to perform the cobra rope, a standard laparoscopic drill, based on playing video games or not. Those who played video games prior to the drill finished the procedure an average 11 seconds faster than those who didn't (researchers assumed additional errors were a result of taking extra time).

The lead researcher on the study (pictured to the right) believes strongly in the value of video games, considering previous research showed medical gamers were more efficient and less apt to make mistakes in laparoscopic drills.

Makes you wonder if such training would cut down on the number of wrong-site surgeries performed in America too...

Yahoo News May 24, 2006

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