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ADHD Side Effects Pushing Americans to the Emergency Room

Several months ago, I told you about stronger black box warnings on attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) drugs, approved by the narrowest of margins by a FDA advisory panel. Those advisories didn't come soon enough for thousands of Americans shuttled to emergency rooms every year, according to a new CDC report.

Of more than 3,000 children and adults are taken to ERs across America annually, more than 60 percent of those visits would be prevented if parents hid their children's ADHD drugs. The leading reasons for ER visits due to ADHD drugs: Overdoses, accidental use and cardiac problems (chest pain, stroke, high blood pressure, elevated heart rate).

Those numbers are based on a sampling taken from 64 U.S. hospitals participating in a new surveillance network. Out of 188 visits, 115 involved overdoses or accidentally swallowing ADHD meds, with the remainder attributed allergic reactions or side effects.

Sadly, there's still a great deal of chatter among health professionals going on about the need for black box warnings on ADHD at all, with some believing an advisory is premature. I suspect, however, you wouldn't think so if a loved one had experienced hallucinations.

Some natural, simple lifestyle changes you can implement to sidestep the dangers that accompany ADHD:

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