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Will Drug Companies Manipulate Your Genes?

In the coming decades, researchers will develop the tools to successfully manipulate human genes that will likely increase our lifespans by 50 percent. Treating disease by developing drugs that deactivate genes using a technique called RNA interference (RNAi) may be fatal, however.

The results of one RNAi test conducted by Stanford researchers on mice was especially alarming: Out of some 50 bits of RNAi that were targeted to shut down six different genes, more than 70 percent caused liver damage and nearly half caused death.

Of course, scientists attempted to discount the results, claiming the approach wasn't state-of-the-art and toxicity was governed by the dosage. In other words, too much of "a good thing," namely a toxic drug, could be very fatal.

That's why gene manipulation will never be a substitute for following the Total Health Program, but it could be a powerful tool in maximizing your potential for a long life. Just not in the hands of greedy drugmakers and bureaucrats.

New York Times May 25, 2006 Registration Required

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