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Do You Have Diabetes And Not Even Know It?

If the question posed in the headline above worries you, it should. More than 73 million American adults have diabetes or dangerously high blood sugar levels, yet a third of them don't even know it. Even worse, the number of people who don't know they have diabetes has remained constant for a while and hasn't budged, says the lead researcher of a new study.

The number that should have many of you worried the most: Twenty-six percent of the American adults surveyed had impaired fasting glucose, meaning above-normal blood sugar readings not high enough to be classified as diabetes.

Close to all the cases of diabetes in the United States (95 percent) are of the deadly type 2 variety, the body's gradual loss of insulin production, often linked to being overweight.

The sad fact behind all these numbers is diabetes doesn't have to damage your health or even slow you down, if you take the proper steps to treat it. Granted it will take work on your end, but the benefits far outweigh the negatives. The three-step plan for controlling diabetes naturally or protecting your body from it:

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