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Measles Vaccine Undeniably Linked to Autism

The so-called "medical" experts who challenge reports that have linked the absence of thimerosal to falling autism rates will have a much harder time disputing the results of a new study from Wake Forest University that ties the vaccine strain of the measles virus to children with regressive autism.

Researchers found the remnants of the measles vaccine in a not-so-surprising 85 percent of the samples taken from the guts of autistic children suffering from bowel disease, supporting research I posted on my Web site four years ago.

The 82 autistic children involved in the study showed symptoms of serious digestive problems with no apparent explanation, with 70 patients showing signs of the measles virus.

As I've said before about evidence of the absence of vaccines and the nonexistent signs of autism, do you need any more evidence than this? If so, you'll want to read the countless articles on my Web site to help you reach a decision before vaccinating your child.

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