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The Dangers of Orange Juice

Here's one way to scare people into flocking toward pasteurized orange juice: Announce the findings of a study that identified microorganisms in non-hazardous unprocessed orange juices that "might" cause illness in Florida, the "Sunshine" state.

The concerns are related to rare instances of unpasteurized orange juice being linked to outbreaks of salmonella in the United States over the past decade. Of course, these incidents could be connected to imported oranges grown under less sanitary conditions or greater consumption, in general, of orange juice.

Yet, despite its acidity and moisture levels, orange juice has been found to be incapable of supporting the growth of foodborn pathogens or toxins. Sounds like the problem being described here is no more than a lot of fear-mongering to prop up pasteurized orange juice sales.

Perhaps, the real problem lies with studies like this one that hype the safety of processed drinks and foods, like commercial orange juice made from fruit that's frequently contaminated with toxic mold and sweetened with fructose.

Besides, the pasteurization process is a destructive one, for example, that changes the physical structure of the fragile proteins in milk and converts them into substances your body was never designed to handle.

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