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Super-Sized Meal Deals No a Bargain At All

Those last-minute diversions to the nearest fast food restaurant for a quick meal are far more costly than you ever imagined, according to a dollar-for-dollar comparison between regular-sized meals and those of the "super-sized" variety.

The smaller, "regular" fast food meal costs only 67 cents less than a larger super-sized meal all by itself. But that doesn't take into account all the extra costs a patient incurs to buy the junk food (burning extra gas because they're obese), the extra food and the estimated health care costs associated with eating it (some 82 cents).

The killer statistic: Researchers estimate for each 100 calories a patient consumes beyond what he or she needs, that "bargain" giant-size fast food meal -- taking into account transportation, medical care and food -- can cost as much as $2 more, depending on how large the person is.

Not surprising at all, considering a study I posted last year on health care costs for the obese exceeded that of healthy adults maintaining a normal weight by up to 81 percent.

It may be challenging, but you can provide healthier, whole foods meals on a budget and a schedule, if you follow the awesome advice of future naturopathic doctor Colleen Huber.

Reuters.com May 31, 2006

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