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The Hidden Dangers of Bottled Water

This PBS Frontline piece contains many facts about the "safety" and selling of bottled water and some interesting details about just how clean some bottled waters really are.

If you want to avoid disease or harmful chemicals, for example, bottled water isn't your best choice. About a third of more than 1,000 bottles in one test -- encompassing more than 100 brands of bottled water -- were contaminated with synthetic organic chemicals and bacteria.

Also, because bottled water is inherently an non-sterile product that's stored longer and at warmer temperatures than tap water, the World Health Organization warns some microorganisms can grow at higher levels, harming infants, pregnant women and patients living with compromised immune systems.

As you can see, how to store clean, fresh water is just as important as drinking it. My first choice is drinking from a glass container, but that's impractical when you're traveling or in the gym. I use wide-mouth Nalgene bottles (you can find them here) made from safer plastic materials.

My staff and I are still investigating water filter units for your home and hope to share our recommendations with you later this year.

PBS Frontline World June 2002

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