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Practical Reflections on How to Successfully Manifest Things in Your Life

You have enormous and untapped potential to manifest healing in your life, if you sincerely believe it. If you can focus your intention on a goal -- minus any emotional, self-sabotaging blocks -- you can manifest virtually any result you desire. The mechanics behind manifesting intentions is the gist of another excellent piece from Steve Pavlina's Web site.

The process begins simply with concentrating on an intention for at least a minute and picturing what life will be once that goal has been realized. A sign the intention you're attempting to manifest is a strong one: The ability to frame your visualizations around positive emotions. If you can't, there's no real desire on your part to manifest them.

Within 72 hours after putting out that intention, you'll likely receive a message, in the form of an alpha reflection that tells you the intention has been received. Afterward, there will be lull until you feel the beta reflection -- ideas, opportunities and resources that will help you achieve the intention you manifested earlier.

This process, as described here, may sound simple on the surface, but it's quite another to develop the mental discipline to manifest the alpha and beta reflections of your intentions. A powerful method to help you achieve the discipline to reach your goals: Using brain wave entrainment technology like the Insight CD system.

Steve Pavlina.com June 3, 2006

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