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The Growing Demand for Grass-Fed Beef in America

Another sign Americans are getting a little wiser about the foods they eat, according to this interesting Time piece, is the growing number of sources for grass-fed beef, clearly a far better health alternative than animals raised on pesticide-treated low-fiber corn, soybeans and growth hormones.

An interesting factoid that makes you wonder why the grass-fed movement is considered "radical" in the first place: It was only after World War II that cattle production changed to the present model, thanks to vast surpluses of U.S. subsidized corn and soybeans fertilized by petroleum-based products. Before then, American cattle were raised on grass, just as they are today in many other countries.

In fact, the demand for grass-fed beef in America has become so obvious, even the U.S. Department of Agriculture is getting into the act with its proposal for a certified national standard.

You'll also want to remember the difference between grass-fed meat and organic meat you see in the grocery store. Like organic milk, the source of certified organic beef may be nothing more than cattle raised on pesticide-free grain.

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Time Magazine June 4, 2006 Registration Required

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