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Vegetables Much Better Than Drugs at Building Bone Density

Perhaps, conventional medicine is getting wiser after all about stopping the epidemic of osteoporosis through natural means, specifically eating the right foods, according to an editorial in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

It's about time, considering the medical costs associated with osteoporosis have soared to nearly $18 billion in the United States alone. What's more, if we don't get osteoporosis under control, scientists estimate a third of all women and 10 percent of men over age 55 and living on our planet will feel its effects at some point in their lives.

The editorial goes on to point out a study in the very same issue about higher intakes of fruits and vegetables improving the bone density of patients ranging from ages 16-83.

The trick about eating more fruits and vegetables: Consider your body's unique nutritional type when you're modifying your diet. What may be healthy for a loved one may not be good for you.

Another natural tool that's getting a lot of attention: The vitamin D you get from sunshine exposure that, for example, protects the bone health of children before they're born.

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol. 83, No. 6, June 2006: 1254-1255

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