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Is the Antihistamine You're Taking On the List To Be Removed by the FDA?

The FDA may finally be taking a way overdue baby-step at tackling drug safety problems that have plagued the agency, notifying drugmakers that manufacture antihistamines with carbinoxamine as the active ingredient -- and not approved for use by the FDA -- they have up to 90 days to stop producing those medications.

The reason: Carbinoxamine has been linked to the deaths of 21 children, under age 3. Even worse, 26 drugmakers produce some 120 medications containing carbinoxamine, and only two drugs (both made by Mikart Inc.) have been approved by the FDA.

Unfortunately, that's just the tip of the iceberg because carbinoxamine drugs represent only a fraction of the thousands of prescription drugs sold on the market that never got approved by the FDA. In fact, the federal agency figures 2 percent of the prescription drugs sold in America have never been reviewed or, for that matter, deemed safe.

Remember, the common cold is a product of a weakened immune system, a condition that be prevented safely, naturally and without the need for a potentially toxic drug.

USA Today June 8, 2006

Washington Post June 9, 2006

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