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If Wendy's Can Do It, Why Can't McDonald's?

I bet McDonald's is getting very nervous after last week's announcement that fast-food rival Wendy's will soon be introducing a new kind of cooking oil in its 6,300 North American locations in August.

This new oil -- a blend of corn and soy oils largely composed of healthy-harming omega-6 fats -- eliminates trans fats in all its fried chicken products and cuts them down to a half-gram in a large order of French fries.

Interestingly, sandwiches and fries cooked in this new oil tastes and costs the same as the toxic trans-fatty concoction Wendy's served before, although it has a shorter shelf life than the previous version. What's more, Wendy's has been testing and perfecting the new oil for the past two years at 370 locations, making McDonald's long forgotten trans fat promise appear all the more hollow.

Fact is, most people go to fast-food restaurants seeking convenience, not something healthy. To achieve a high level of wellness, you'll need to invest some time in the kitchen to prepare good, nutritious foods, and Colleen Huber's awesome article will give you a good start.

Just remember, the problem has never been our ability to distinguish the healthy from the unhealthy. The failure to do so, however, is what makes people unhealthy, not what's on the menu board at McDonald's.

Yahoo News June 8, 2006

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