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More Conventional Medical Delusional Nonsense About Diabetes

One of the most important concepts too many people, particularly conventional medical experts, don't understand about optimizing health: There's no magic pill that will "cure" every illness. Nevertheless, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) announced a one-pill treatment -- a daily polypill that combines low-dose aspirin with common drugs used to regulate blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol -- that could prevent millions of deaths and complications from diabetes.

According to one mathematical model, taking the polypill would save anywhere from $150-750 billion and up to 18 million lives, depending on which scenario you choose. The cost of this not-yet-formulated pill: $100 per year.

The ADA claims they believe in prevention, yet they propose combining aspirin -- an over-the-counter and problematic substance in its own right -- with other "common" drugs, creating one more cheap and potentially toxic "remedy."

Better to stick with a proven non-drug regimen that should help you, not only control diabetes, but demolish it out of ever causing you a problem again. The key is to control your insulin level and, without question, one of the most important two things you can do is to exercise regularly and severely restrict or eliminate all grains from your diet until the blood sugars normalize.

Yes, that is even "healthy" organic grains and even alternative ones like amaranth, quinoa, millet and teff, for these grains break down far more rapidly then vegetables and will impair your insulin normalization efforts.

USA Today June 12, 2006

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