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Dangerous Antidepressants Elevate Type 2 Diabetes Risks

Not only does depression go hand-in-hand with diabetes, taking a potentially toxic antidepressant drug can elevate those same risks, based on a reanalysis of data collected as part of the huge Diabetes Prevention Program.

To determine if taking an antidepressant increased a patient's diabetes risks, scientists studied how it affected three diverse groups: Those who took a placebo, made lifestyle changes and were given metformin, a diabetes drug.

Patients in the lifestyle and placebo groups who took an antidepressant were as much as three times more likely to contract type 2 diabetes. And it didn't matter what kind of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor a patient took either.

Not terribly surprising to me, considering antidepressants can harm your immune system too. Some safer, more effective alternatives to antidepressants:

Yahoo News June 10, 2006

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