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Evil Empire Seeks to Punish Autism Expert

Noted British gastroenterologist Dr. Andrew Wakefield is certainly no stranger to controversy, terminated from positions in the medical bureaucracy, thanks to his persistence about the undeniable link between vaccines laced with mercury and autism.

Now, the General Medical Council (GMC) -- the UK equivalent of the American Medical Association -- plans to charge Dr. Wakefield on four counts, including serious professional misconduct for "scaring" patients away needlessly from the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, thanks largely to a 1998 paper published in the Lancet.

Formal charges are expected to be presented this fall, with a public hearing slated for next year. Should Dr. Wakefield be found guilty, his license to practice medicine in the UK will likely be revoked. Sadly, few will appreciate how many children his courageous research may have saved in the UK and America.

How much more evidence does anyone need about the dangers of vaccines than the stories I posted last year about the scarcity of autism among Amish children? And what about the most recent study about the measles vaccine being linked to children with regressive autism and serious digestive problems?

Perhaps, it's those arrogant "experts" at the GMC who should be facing charges, and not Dr. Wakefield...

BBC News June 12, 2006

The Independent June 12, 2006

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