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Another Lie: A Drug That Controls Diabetes

The evil marketing geniuses are at it again, trying to get a new class of drugs approved to control diabetes. These drugs -- DPP-4 (dipetidyl peptidase-4) inhibitors that aid hormones in your gut and lower the blood sugar of type 2 diabetes patients -- are essentially similar to medications that control your weight.

Interestingly enough, both kinds of drugs have very similar nearly identical causes -- poor diet and exercise choices -- that cause high levels of insulin. So don't be surprised to read more about these DPP-4 drugs by Merck (Januvia) and Novartis (Galvus), currently under review by the FDA.

There is simply no magic bullet for treating diabetes, and, I suspect, never will be a one-pill alternative for exercise and a low grain -- even whole grains and ones like amaranth, millet, quinoa and teff -- no sugar diet to, not only treat, but cure nearly every case of diabetes.

USA Today June 14, 2006

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