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The Safe Drug For Treating Menopause

Exercise is one of the safest and most effective "drugs" for treating an array of health conditions from depression to osteoporosis and Alzheimer's disease. A growing body of evidence suggests exercise can be just as beneficial for women going through the rigors of menopause.

Although the results are early, many experts agree moderate exercise may relieve many of the problems associated with menopause. Among the pluses outlined in small studies:

  • Cutting headaches and hot flashes by half.
  • Slowing hardening of the arteries, typical with lower estrogen levels.
  • Boosting a woman's overall quality of life.

Exercise doesn't alleviate the symptoms of menopause entirely, experts say, but it does keep those extra pounds away (reducing a woman's risk of cardiovascular disease) and strengthens muscles that prevent fractures. Treating exercise like a drug -- activities that need to be precisely prescribed, controlled and monitored -- is the key to achieving optimal wellness.

Yahoo News June 8, 2006

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