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Take a Statin to Fight the Flu?

In the continuing "war" against an imaginary flu pandemic that hasn't, and probably never will, come to pass, one retired researcher from a national vaccine producer suggested a possible alternative that's about as harmful to your health: Taking a statin drug.

The theory: Besides blocking your liver's ability to produce cholesterol naturally, statins have been associated with regulating the immune system and reducing inflammation. Because the latter two health conditions are associated with the flu, this retired medical professional believes taking a statin drug throughout the duration of a patient's illness could be beneficial.

And statins would probably be more readily available than a flu vaccine and relatively inexpensive, particularly in light of the imminent arrival of a generic version of Zocor. If all this sounds about as unimaginable to you as using a statin drug to treat erectile dysfunction, however, join the club...

Fact is, by following the principles outlined in my Total Health Program, you have all the natural tools necessary to boost your immune system and avoid the flu, without the need for any drugs.

EurekAlert June 13, 2006

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